Monday, November 2, 2009

The November Novella Challenge

**Challenge completed. See my wrap-up post here.**

Through November 30, 2009
Hosted by: Bibliofreak

". . . there aren’t any rules. . .just some suggestions for cheating: Cross-overs with other challenges are fine, audiobooks are fine. . . . I do ask you to make a list in advance, but swapping out books on your list as you go is no problem. If you don’t have a blog, that’s O.K.! You can still participate by writing a short review in the comments section of the review page. . . ."
Levels of Participation:
  • Level I: Read one (just one!) novella by November 30, 2009
  • Level II: Read four novellas (one each week, mayhaps?) by November 30, 2009
  • Level III: Read eight novellas (two a week?) by November 30, 2009
  • Level IV: AKA, the As Many As You Freakin’ Can level: Read as many novellas as you freakin’ can by November 30, 2009
See my original post about the challenge here.
See my wrap-up post here.
See the challenge announcement page here.
See the challenge review page here.

I'm playing it safe and signing up for Level I.

MY READING LIST (completed works):
  1. The Lair of the White Worm. Bram Stoker [see review]
  2. The Uncommon Reader. Alan Bennett [review to come]
  3. The Lesson of the Master. Henry James [review to come]
  4. The Lover. Marguerite Duras [review to come]

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