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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Reading Challenge Addict: Keeping Track of My Challenges

Yes, I am a reading challenge addict. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that, but it's a reality and I have to face it. I always start out saying "only one or two this year," and inevitably end up signed up for a dozen or more (16 so far this year). So, I figure I might as well join the group and declare myself. Also hoping this will help me keep myself organized in 2017. (See my original blog post about the challenge HERE.)

My 2017 Reading Challenges:

Reading Goal: 2 books each in 17 categories
Books Read:  

Reading Goal: 50 books

Reading Goal: 50 books

Reading Goal: 12 books

Reading Goal: 2-6 books

Reading Goal: 10 books

Reading Goal: 4 books

Reading Goal: 5 books

Reading Goal: 12 books

Reading Goal: 15-20 books

Reading Goal: No set number of books

Reading Goal: 20 books 

Reading Goal: at least 6 books

Reading Goal: 1-5 books

Reading Goal: at least 6 books

Reading Goal: 6 books


Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 Picture Book Reading Challenge

Host: Becky @ Becky's Book Reviews
Dates: January - December 2017

As Becky says, the goal of this challenge is "To have adults read more picture books. To celebrate the fact that picture books are for everyone!" The minimum number of books to read is six.

There are several reading options for this challenge, including a bingo card, a checklist, and an A to Z option; I'm going with Becky's checklist of categories/subjects/varieties:

_  1. An alphabet book
_  2. A counting book
✓ 3. Concept book: shapes or numbers or opposites or colors: Numbers - What They Look Like and What They Do (A Little Golden Book), by Mary Reed and Edith Osswald; illus. by Violet LaMont (first pub. 1955)
_  4. a book set on a farm or in the country
_  5. a book set in the city or in an urban area
_  6. a book set at the beach, in the ocean, or by a lake
_  7. a book with human characters
_  8. a book with animal characters
_  9. a bedtime book
_  10. a rhyming book
_  11. a book celebrating art
_  12. a book celebrating dance
_  13. a book celebrating music
_  14. a book celebrating family (parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc.)
_  15. a book about feelings, expressing feelings
_  16. a book with a twist (unexpected) ending
17. a book about pets (cats, dogs, fish): My Kitten, by Margaret O'Hair; illus. by Tammie Lyon
_  18. a book celebrating libraries or reading
_  19. a book translated into English (originally published in another language/country)
_  20. Mother Goose related
_  21. a book about adoption
_  22. a book by Gail Gibbons
_  23. a book by Jon Scieszka
_  24. a book featured on Reading Rainbow
_  25. free choice
_  26. out of print
_  27. wordless picture book
_  28. a book by Margaret Wise Brown
_  29. a board book
_  30. a book about trains or planes
_  31. a book about cars or trucks
_  32. a book about starting school
_  33. a book about friendship (sharing, caring, forgiving)
_  34. a book about being ME, about being unique, special, loved, etc.
_  35. a fairy tale
_  36. a twisted (adapted) fairy tale
_  37. a book about a holiday
_  38. a new-to-you author
_  39. a new-to-you illustrator
_  40. a book about new experiences (dentist, doctor, sleepovers, movies, playing sports, learning to swim, etc.)
41. a series book: Arthur's Nose (Arthur Adventure Series). Marc Brown (first pub. 1976)
_ 42. a book celebrating food (cooking, eating, trying new foods, eating healthy)
43. a book published before 1950: Millions of Cats, written and illus. by Wanda Gág (pub. 1928)
_ 44. a book published in the 1950s
_ 45. a book published in the 1960s
_ 46. a book published in the 1970s
_ 47. a book published in the 1980s
_ 48. a book published in the 1990s
_ 49. a book published in the 2000s
_ 50. a book published 2010-2016
_ 51. a book published in 2017
_ 52. a book by Dr. Seuss
_ 53. a book by Mo Willems
_ 54. a book by Jan Thomas
_ 55. a book by Eric Carle
_ 56. a book by Laura Numeroff
_ 57. a book by Patricia Polacco
_ 58. a book by Jon Klassen
_ 59. a book by Beatrix Potter
_ 60. a book by Kevin Henkes
_ 61. a book written or illustrated by LeUyen Pham
62. a Caldecott winner: Time of Wonder, by Robert McCloskey (1958 Winner)
63. a Caldecott honor: The Garden of Abdul Gasazi, by Chris Van Allsburg (1980 Honor book)
_ 64. a picture book biography
_ 65. a nonfiction picture book
66. a book from your childhood: Nurse Nancy (Little Golden Book), written by Kathryn Jackson; illus. by Corinne Malvern (pub. ca. 1950)
_ 67. a book you discovered as an adult
_ 68. a book celebrating writing, being an author or illustrator
_ 69. a library book
_ 70. an audio book
_ 71. a book about dinosaurs OR dragons
_ 72. nonfiction book about animals (or animal)
_ 73. a challenged book OR a controversial book
_ 74. a book that makes you laugh
_ 75. a book that makes you cry
_ 76. hate the text, love the art
_ 77. love the text, hate the art
_ 78. a book with a great cover
_ 79. a book with an ugly cover
_ 80. a book about toys
_ 81. a book about weather
_ 82. a picture book for older readers
_ 83. a book of jokes, riddles, tongue-twisters
_ 84. a book about seasons
_ 85. a song
86. a poetry book: Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night, by Joyce Sidman; illus. by Rick Allen (pub. 2010)
_ 87. a book by a celebrity
_ 88. a book published in Australia
_ 89. a book published in the UK
_ 90. a book about science or math
_ 91. a book about history or historical event
_ 92. a book about sports
_ 93. a book about celebrating birthdays
_ 94. a book about a President or world leader
_ 95. a book about another country
_ 96. a book celebrating faith
_ 97. a pop-up book, or, a book with cut-outs or flaps or fold-outs
_ 98. a bilingual book
_ 99. a television series that has been adapted to a book
_ 100. a book that has been adapted to a television series
_ 101. an adaptation of a myth or legend
102. a book about babies: The New Baby (A Little Golden Book), by Ruth and Harold Shane; illus. by Eloise Wilkin (first pub. 1948)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 New Authors Reading Challenge

Host: Literary Escapism
Dates: January 1 - December 31, 2017

  • Read books by authors you've never read before.
  • Crossovers with other challenges are allowed.
  • You don't need a blog to participate.
  • Set your own goal. You can choose to read 15, 25, or 50 new authors.
✹ I'm hoping to read at least 15-20 new authors.

● See my original post about the challenge HERE.
● See the challenge announcement page HERE.
● To add a review, find the submission form HERE.
● See my wrap-up post HERE.

MY READING LIST (books I've read, with links to reviews):
1. Larry Watson: As Good as Gone.
2. Lisa Turner: Devil Sent the Rain.
3. Amy Engel: The Roanoke Girls.
4. Siri Hustvedt: The Blazing World.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

Host: Passages to the Past
Dates: January 1 - December 31, 2017

I'm signing up at the Victorian Reader level (5 books).

● See my original post about the challenge HERE.
● See the challenge review pages: JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC .

MY READING LIST (books I've read for the challenge, with links to reviews):
1. As Good as Gone. Larry Watson (set in 1960s)
2. Magic by the Lake (Tales of Magic #3). Edward Eager (set in early 1900s)


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Banned / Challenged Books Reading Challenge 2017

Hosted by: Book Dragon's Lair
Dates: January 1 - December 31, 2017

Rules / Guidelines:
  • Read books that have been banned or challenged. Or, read nonfiction books about censorship, book burning, etc.
  • Reviews are encouraged, even if it's just telling someone about the book. Reviews can be posted on your blog, or another site such as GoodReads or LibraryThing.
  1. Read 1 book. You are an Ember. You're small but mighty just waiting to burn the structure down.
  2. Read 2-6 books. You are Creeping. You're burning with a low flame and spreading slowly.
  3. Read 7-12 books. You are a Blow-up fire. Sudden increase in fire intensity strong enough to upset control plans
  4. Read 13+ books. You are Uncontrolled. Any fire which threatens to destroy life, property, or natural resources.
✹ Hoping to read several banned/challenged books during the year, so I'm signing up at the second ("Creeping") level.

● See my original post about the challenge HERE.
● See the challenge announcement/signup page HERE.

MY READING LIST (books I've read, with links to reviews):

  • The Bell Jar. Sylvia Plath
  • The Bostonians. Henry James
  • BUtterfield 8. John O'Hara 
  • The Giver. Lois Lowry 
  • The Golden Compass. Philip Pullman 
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Maya Angelou 
  • In Cold Blood. Truman Capote 
  • James and the Giant Peach. Roald Dahl 
  • July's People. Nadine Gordimer 
  • The Witches. Roald Dahl 
  • Rabbit, Run. John Updike 
  • Summer of My German Soldier. Bette Greene 

  • Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury
  • The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald 
  • Lolita. Vladimir Nabokov 
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde 

Vintage Mystery Cover Scavenger Hunt 2017

Hosted by: Bev @ My Reader's Block
Dates: January 1 - December 31, 2017

Challenge objective:
  • Find as many objects on the scavenger hunt list as possible, on the covers of the mystery books you read.
  • You may play along in either the Golden or Silver Mystery Eras (or, for the more adventurous, both).

Challenge rules (quoted from the announcement post):
  • All books must be from the mystery category (crime fiction, detective fiction, espionage, etc.). The mystery/crime must be the primary feature of the book--ghost stories, paranormal, romance, humor, etc are all welcome as ingredients, but must not be the primary category under which these books would be labeled at the library or bookstore.
  • For the purposes of this challenge, the Golden Age Vintage Mysteries must have been first published before 1960. Golden Age short story collections (whether published pre-1960 or not) are permissible provided all of the stories included in the collection were originally written pre-1960. Silver Age Vintage Mysteries may be first published any time from 1960 to 1989. Again, Silver Age short story collections published later than 1989 are permissible as long as they include no stories first published later than 1989.
  • Minimum number of items to complete the challenge and to be eligible for the participation prize drawing at the end of the year is six items from the covers of books read from a single Vintage Mystery Era. If you choose to do both eras, you must use separate checklists. You may not, for example, find three golden age items and three silver age items to claim the minimum six.
  • "On the cover" may apply to either the front or the back cover of the book. Also, the item should be found on the cover of the edition that you read. If at all possible either post a picture showing the item on the cover or provide a link to a page showing us. Exception: If the edition you read has no picture whatsoever (hardbacks that have no dust jacket or e-copies, for example), then you may go on another scavenger hunt online to find a cover image--again, please provide a link to the edition used.
  • No double-counting within the challenge. If a book's cover has both a shadowy figure and a weapon, you may only use it to check off one item from the list. You are welcome to change the item claimed at any time prior to submitting it for prizes.
  • Books read for this challenge may be used for other challenges as well.
  • Reviews are encouraged, but they are not necessary to participate. If you do not have a blog, post to the comments below that you intend to join and then post again at the end-of-year wrap-up site when you have completed your challenge (include a list of books read, categories you have completed, and how to find images of covers).
  • Challengers who complete the minimum six books from a single era will be eligible for a drawing at the end of the year for a book from the prize list. Challengers who complete 12 or more books (either from the same era or six from each era) will also be entered in a separate drawing--for another chance to win, again for their choice of a book from the prize list.
  • Please keep track of your progress and be prepared to submit a final wrap-up post or comment at the end of the year. Please DO NOT submit completion notifications prior to the posting of the Wrap-Up Link.

● See my original post about the challenge HERE.
● See the challenge announcement/sign-up post HERE.
● See the challenge review pages: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

✸ I'll be reading Golden Age mysteries. Here's the card:

MY READING LIST (books I've read, with links to reviews):

1. Death and the Dancing Footman (Roderick Alleyn #11). Ngaio Marsh (first published 1941) [reading now]
....For the scavenger hunt: Flowers on cover


Monday, December 19, 2016

2017 Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge

Dates: January 1 - December 31, 2017

This challenge presents six keywords associated with each month in 2017. Participants read one book each month whose title includes one or more of the keywords for that month.

Guidelines (quoted from the announcement page):
  • Books must be read and reviewed in 2017
  • You don’t have to be a book blogger to participate! You can track your progress on Goodreads, Shelfari, Booklikes, etc.
  • The book title you choose can be a variation on one of the keywords. Meaning, you can tweak the keywords. For example, your title could include the word ‘snowing’ or ‘snowflake’ even though the key word is ‘snow.’ Further, if the key word is ‘family‘ then your title could include the word ‘sister’ or ‘mother.’ It’s similar to the word game Word Association.
  • Lastly, have fun! This challenge is simply for the pure satisfaction of reading so please don’t worry if you have to skip a month or if you have to read your books out of order!

Monthly Keywords:
  • JAN -- Court, Fall, Of, Way, Deep, Thousand
  • FEB -- And, Rose, Promise, Every, Deception, Blazing
  • MAR -- Shall, Go, By, Silence, Her, Saga
  • APR -- From, Trigger, Tale, His, Crown, Mist
  • MAY -- Four, Wind, All, Fury, Days, Shade
  • JUN -- Without, Know, Good, Watch, One, Have
  • JUL -- Before, Final, All, Freedom, Life, Dream
  • AUG -- Sun, Infinite, Big, My, Wherever, Most
  • SEP -- Sand, From, Between, Ever, Reasons, Clash
  • OCT -- Darker, You, Ashes, Out, House, Sea
  • NOV -- Place, War, Heart, Why, Give, Meet
  • DEC -- Forget, Twilight, Only, Crystal, On, Will

See my original post about the challenge HERE.
See the challenge announcement/sign-up page HERE.
See the Book Review Link-up pages: JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC.

MY READING LIST (books I've read, with links to reviews):
  1. JANUARY: Smooth Talker: Trail of Death. Steve Jackson 
  2. FEBRUARY: The Blazing World. Siri Hustvedt
  3. MARCH: Magic By the Lake. Edward Eager 
  4. APRIL:
  5. MAY:
  6. JUNE:
  7. JULY:
  8. AUGUST:
  10. OCTOBER:

Some possible choices (definitely subject to change):

Deep Storm. Lincoln Child 
The Fall Guy. James Lasdun
Falling Angels. Tracy Chevalier
Falling Slowly. Anita Brookner
Mistress of the Art of Death (#1 in the series). Ariana Franklin
Things Fall Apart. Chinua Achebe

The City and the Stars. Arthur C. Clarke
Death and the Dancing Footman (Roderick Alleyn #11). Ngaio Marsh
Everyone Brave Is Forgiven. Chris Cleave
Family and Friends. Anita Brookner
Fathers and Sons. Ivan Turgenev
Hide and Seek (Inspector Rebus #2). Ian Rankin
Mrs. Malory and a Death In the Family (Sheila Malory #17). Hazel Holt
Promised Land (Spenser #4). Robert B. Parker
Rose Cottage. Mary Stewart
A Wreath of Roses. Elizabeth Taylor

The Go-Between. L.P. Hartley
Hanging By a Thread. Monica Ferris
Hitty, Her First Hundred Years. Rachel Carson
Horseman, Pass By. Larry McMurtry
The House of Silence. Blanca Busquets
Magic By the Lake. Edward Eager
North By Northwest. Ernest Lehman
The Silent Speaker (Nero Wolfe #11). Rex Stout
The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn (Inspector Morse #3). Colin Dexter
They Shall Have Stars. James Blish

Dancer From the Dance. Andrew Holleran
The Duke in His Castle. Vera Nazarian 
Far From the Madding Crowd. Thomas Hardy
The Flight from the Enchanter. Iris Murdoch
Flowers For His Funeral (Mitchell & Markby #7). Ann Granger
The Mists of Avalon. Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Prince of Mist. Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Some Kind of Fairy Tale. Graham Joyce
Speaking from Among the Bones (Flavia de Luce #5). Alan Bradley

All Passion Spent. Vita Sackville-West
All the Bells on Earth. James P. Blaylock
Goodbye to All That. Robert Graves
How It All Began. Penelope Lively
Service of All the Dead (Inspector Morse #4). Colin Dexter
Six Days of the Condor. James Grady
We Are All Welcome Here. Elizabeth Berg
The Wind from the Sun. Arthur C. Clarke
The Wind in the Willows. Kenneth Grahame

The Children of Green Knowe. L.M. Boston
Durable Goods. Elizabeth Berg
Good Morning, Midnight. Jean Rhys
A Red Herring Without Mustard (Flavia De Luce #3). Alan Bradley

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip K. Dick
Dreamside. Graham Joyce
Dream When You're Feeling Blue. Elizabeth Berg
Final Curtain (Roderick Alleyn #14). Ngaio Marsh
Still Life. A.S. Byatt
Still Life (Chief Inspector Gamache #1). Louise Penny
Still Life with Bread Crumbs. Anna Quindlen
Still Life with Crows. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Farewell, My Lovely. Raymond Chandler 
Gently In the Sun (Inspector George Gently #6). Alan Hunter
Over My Dead Body (Nero Wolfe #7). Rex Stout
The Sunlight Dialogues. John Gardner 
Travels With My Aunt. Graham Greene

Between the Acts. Virginia Woolf
If Death Ever Slept (Nero Wolfe #29). Rex Stout
If Morning Ever Comes. Anne Tyler
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Henry Farrell

Crooked House. Agatha Christie 
The Empty House and Other Ghost Stories. Algernon Blackwood
The House in Paris. Elizabeth Bowen
Rest You Merry (Peter Shandy #1). Charlotte MacLeod
The Sea. John Banville
Wide Sargasso Sea. Jean Rhys
A Writer's House in Wales. Jan Morris

The Death of the Heart. Elizabeth Bowen
The Heart of the Matter. Graham Greene
The Summer Before the War. Helen Simonson

The Crystal Cave. Mary Stewart
The Forgetting Room: A Fiction. Nick Bantock
Murder on the Orient Express. Agatha Christie

(Notice that there are two keywords repeated: ALL in May and July, and FROM in April and September. I believe those are the only repeats.)

What's In A Name 2017

Dates: January 1 - December 31, 2017
Host: Charlie @ The Worm Hole

Rules / Guidelines:

• Choose one book from each of the following categories:
  • A number in numbers
  • A building
  • A title which has an ‘X’ somewhere in it
  • A compass direction
  • An item/items of cutlery
  • A title in which at least two words share the same first letter – alliteration!

• Books can be any format (print, audio, ebook).
• It’s preferred but not required that books don't overlap other challenges.
• Books cannot overlap categories.
• Creativity for matching the categories is not only allowed, it’s encouraged!
• A preliminary list of books isn't required, you can choose them as you go.
• You don’t have to read your chosen books in any particular order.

● See my original post about the challenge HERE.
● See the challenge announcement/sign-up post HERE.
● See the challenge Gateway post for linking reviews HERE.

MY READING LIST (books I've read, with links to reviews):
  1. A title with number in numbers (not written out): 
  2. A title with a building: 
  3. A title with an "x" somewhere in it: 
  4. A title with a compass direction: 
  5. A title with an item(s) of cutlery: 
  6. A title with alliteration: As Good As Gone, by Larry Watson (linked to review page 2/06/2017)

Some Possibilities:
  • Category 1 - A number in numbers
    101 Dalmatians. Dodie Smith (1956)
    Badenheim 1939. Aharon Appelfeld (1978)
    BUtterfield 8. John O'Hara (1935)
    Montana 1948. Larry Watson (1993) 

  • Category 2 - A building
    The Barnum Museum. Steven Millhauser (1990)
    The Body in the Library. Agatha Christie (1942)
    The Enchanted Castle. E. Nesbit (1907)
    The House of Paper. Carlos Maria Dominguez (2002)
    The Inn at the Edge of the World. Alice Thomas Ellis (1990)
    Miss Zukas and the Library Murders (Miss Zukas #1). Jo Dereske (1994)
    The Post Office Girl. Stefan Zweig (1982)
    Rose Cottage. Mary Stewart (1997)
    A Writer's House in Wales. Jan Morris (2002)

  • Category 3 - A"x" somewhere in title
    Expedition to Earth. Arthur C. Clarke (1953)
    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Douglas Adams (1979)
    I Am Madame X. Gioia Diliberto (2003)
    An Imaginative Experience. Mary Wesley (1994)
    Murder on the Orient Express. Agatha Christie (1934)
    The Red Box
    (Nero Wolfe #4). Rex Stout (1937)
    Six Days of the Condor. James Grady (1974)
    Unexplained Laughter. Alice Thomas Ellis (1985) 

  • Category 4 - A compass direction
    East Side Story. Louis Auchincloss (2004)
    Gently North-West. Alan Hunter (1967)
    Northanger Abbey. Jane Austen (1817)
    North By Northwest. Ernest Lehman (1959)
    The Westing Game. Ellen Raskin (1978) 

  • Category 5 - An item (or items) of cutlery
    The Knife Thrower and Other Stories. Steven Millhauser (1998)
    Miss Chopsticks. Xinran (2007)
    Our Spoons Came from Woolworth's. Barbara Comyns (1950)
    The Silver Spoon (Forsyte Chronicles #5). John Galsworthy (1926) 

  • Category 6 - Title with alliteration
    Candle for a Corpse (Mitchell & Markby #8). Ann Granger (1995)
    Death and the Dancing Footman (Roderick Alleyn #11). Ngaio Marsh (1941)
    Ella Enchanted. Gail Carson Levine (1997)
    Farewell to Fairacre. 'Miss Read' (1993)
    Fellowship of Fear (Gideon Oliver #1). Aaron Elkins (1982)
    Flowers for His Funeral (Mitchell & Markby #7). Ann Granger (1994)
    Holy Terror in the Hebrides (Dorothy Martin #3). Jeanne M. Dams (1997)
    Murder in Mesopotamia. Agatha Christie (1936)
    Mystery Mile (Albert Campion #2). Margery Allingham (1930)
    Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit. Jeanette Winterson (1985)
    Pawing Through the Past
    (Mrs. Murphy #8). Rita Mae Brown (2000)
    The Penguin Pool Murder. Stuart Palmer (1931)
    The Silent Speaker (Nero Wolfe #11). Rex Stout (1946)
    The Summer of the Swans. Betsy Byars (1970)
    Trouble in the Town Hall (Dorothy Martin #2). Jeanne M. Dams (1996)

2017 New To Me Challenge

Hosted by: herding cats & burning soup
Dates: throughout 2017

Rules / Guidelines:

● What counts: Anything "new" to you. For example...
-- first time reading an author
-- first book in a series
-- first book you've read from a series (doesn't have to be book one)
-- first time trying a genre/subgenre
-- a debut book from an author (even if you've read them before)
● Books need to be over 80 pages
● To complete the challenge, you must read a minimum of twelve books. You can read any number over twelve.

✹ My goal: "First time reading an author" and I'm aiming for at least 20 new-to-me authors.

● See my original post about the challenge HERE.
● See the challenge announcement/signup page HERE.
● See the Mid-Year Check-in post HERE.
● See the Wrap-Up Check-in post HERE.

MY READING LIST (books I've read, with links to reviews):

  1. Amy Engel: The Roanoke Girls
  2. Steve Jackson: Sweet Talker: Trail of Death.
  3. Lisa Turner: Devil Sent the Rain
  4. Larry Watson: As Good As Gone
  5. Siri Hustvedt: The Blazing World

eBook Reading Challenge 2017

Hosted by: Book Dragon's Lair
Dates: January 1 - December 31, 2017

Rules / Guidelines:
  • All books read for the challenge must be electronic - kindle, pdf, nook, etc.
  • Books must have an ISBN or equivalent.
  • You can list your books in advance or as you read them. Lists can be changed.
  • Books can be any genre or length.
  • Anyone can join, and a blog isn't necessary.
  • Reviews are good but not required. 
  • You may move up a level but not down.
  • Crossovers for other challenges count.
  • Books started before January 1st, 2017 don’t count.

  1. Bit – 1 book
  2. Byte – 10 books
  3. Megabyte – 25 books
  4. Gigabyte – 50 books
  5. Terabyte – 75 books
  6. Petabyte – 100 books
  7. Empty the Cloud - 101+ books

✹ I'm signing up at the "Byte" level (10 books).

● See my original post about the challenge HERE.
● See the challenge announcement/signup page HERE.

MY READING LIST (books I've read, with links to reviews):

  1. The Blazing World. Siri Hustvedt
  2. Faithful. Alice Hoffman
  3. The Roanoke Girls. Amy Engel 
  4. Sweet Talker: Trail of Death. Steve Jackson

2017 European Reading Challenge

Hosted by: Rose City Reader
Dates: January 1, 2017 - January 31, 2018

Guidelines (quoted from the announcement page):
The idea is to read books by European authors or books set in European countries (no matter where the author comes from). The books can be anything – novels, short stories, memoirs, travel guides, cookbooks, biography, poetry, or any other genre. You can participate at different levels, but each book must be by a different author and set in a different country – it's supposed to be a tour. 
  • Books should be read between January 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018.  If you participated in the 2016 European Reading Challenge, you can only count books read in January 2017 for one year -- either the end of the 2016 challenge or the start of the 2017 challenge -- you don't get to count one book for both challenges. 
  • You do not have to commit to your choices now; and you can change your mind about books at any time. 
  • Overlap with other challenges is allowed -- and encouraged! 
  • Re-reads count. 
  • Audiobooks count. 
  • E-books count. 
  • Self-published books count. 
  • There will be a page for linking your reviews. Reviews are not necessary, unless you are going for the prize, in which case only books reviewed count.
  • If you do not have a blog, put your reviews or reports in a comment on the announcement post. 
  • There will be a page for posting links to wrap-up posts. 

Levels of participation:
  1. Five Star (Deluxe Entourage): Read at least five books by different European authors or books set in different European countries.
  2. Four Star (Honeymooner): Read four qualifying books.
  3. Three Star (Business Traveler): Read three qualifying books.
  4. Two Star (Adventurer): Read two qualifying books.
  5. One Star (Pensione Weekender): Read just one qualifying book.
✹ I'm signing up for the Four Star ("Honeymooner") level.

● See my original post about the challenge HERE.
● See the challenge announcement page HERE.
● See the review page HERE.
● See the page for challenge wrap-ups HERE.

MY READING LIST (books I've read, with links to reviews):