Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Nonfiction Reading Challenge

**Challenge complete.  See my wrap-up post HERE.**

Dates: 1 January - 31 December, 2013
Hosted by: The Introverted Reader

Guidelines: (quoted from challenge announcement page) "Read any non-fiction book(s), adult or young adult. That's it. You can choose anything. Memoirs? Yes. History? Yes. Travel? Yes. You get the idea? Absolutely anything that is classified as non-fiction counts for this challenge."

  1. Dilettante -- Read 1-5 non-fiction books
  2. Explorer -- Read 6-10
  3. Seeker -- Read 11-15
  4. Master -- Read 16-20 
** I'm signing up at the "Dilettante" level, so I'll be reading 1-5 books.

See my original post about the challenge HERE.
See my challenge wrap-up post HERE.  
See the challenge announcement/sign-up page HERE.

MY READING LIST (books read, with links to reviews):
  1. Darwin's Ghosts: The Secret History of Evolution. Rebecca Stott

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