Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Middle East Reading Challenge

**Challenge complete. See my wrap-up post HERE.**

Dates: 1 January - 31 December 2013
Hosted by: Maphead

The goal here is to read as many books as you like, related to the Greater Middle East area (or MENA--Middle East/North Africa).  Books can be fiction or nonfiction, and there are four levels of participation:
  1. Tourist (1-5 books)
  2. Diplomat (5-10 books)
  3. Foreign Policy Specialist (10-15 books)
  4. Scholar (15 books or more)
Books can be written by Middle Eastern authors, take place in the Middle East, or be concerned with the Greater Middle East; and they can deal with either contemporary or historical Middle Eastern issues.

Regions (quoted from the challenge blog):
"Referred [to] by many nowadays as the "Greater Middle East" or "MENA" (Middle East/North Africa), our challenge will focus on the North African nations of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt; the Levantine nations of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories; all the nations within, bordering or relatively close proximity to the Arabian Peninsula including Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and the Gulf Emirates.
  • After a great deal of agonizing I've decided to not include Turkey. Nothing personal, it's just a judgement call. However, if you come across a book dealing with that nation's role in the Middle East by all means feel free to include it. Of course, since much of the Middle East was ruled by the Ottoman Empire until the end of WWI, books dealing with [that] period of history are cool too. 
  •  I've also decided to not include the nations of the Horn of Africa or its neighbors Sudan and South Sudan. Yet another judgement call." 

 ~ I'm signing up at the "Tourist" level, so I'll be reading 1-5 books.

See my original post about the challenge HERE.
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See the page for reviews HERE.

MY READING LIST (books read, with links to reviews):
  1. Clea. Lawrence Durrell

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