Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2016 Blogger Shame Review Challenge

Link to announcement/sign-up post
Dates: January 1 - December 31, 2016
Hosted by: herding cats & burning soup, and Addicted to Happily Ever After @ The Herd Presents

  • Read and review books that have been on your review list for more than six months
  • Any format
  • Crossovers with other challenges are OK
  • No levels -- choose for yourself the number of books you want to read/review
There will be quarterly check-ins to show off progress:
  • quarter 1 post--end of March 
  • quarter 2 post--end of June 
  • quarter 3 post--end of September 
  • quarter 4 post--end of Dec wrap up post

● See my original post about the challenge HERE.
● See my wrap-up post HERE.
● See the challenge announcement/sign-up post HERE.
● See the review page HERE.
● See the challenge Facebook page HERE.

MY READING LIST (books I've read, with links to reviews):

  1. The Last September. Nina de Gramont [note to self: linked to review site 7/14/2016]

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