Sunday, January 31, 2010

Battle of the Prizes, American Version

***Challenge ended. See my wrap-up post here.***

Dates: 1 February 2010 to 31 January 2011
Hosted by: Rose City Reader

  • This challenge pits winners of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction against the winners of the National Book Award in the American version of the Battle of the Prizes.

  • Chose three books that you have not read before:
    1) One that won both the Pulitzer and the National Book Award
    2) One that won the Pulitzer but not the National
    3) One that won the National but not the Pulitzer

  • OPTION: For those who have already read all six of the double-dippers, or otherwise do not want to read one of those six, pick two Pulitzer winners and two National winners for a total of four books.

  • Read all books between February 1, 2030 and January 31, 2011.

  • Overlap with other challenges is allowed -- and encouraged!

  • You do not have to commit to your choices now; you can change your mind about books at any time.

  • You do not need a blog to participate; and reviews, although encouraged, are not required.

See my original post about the challenge here.
See my wrap-up post here.
See the challenge announcement page here.

MY READING LIST (books read):
  1. Tinkers. Paul Harding: Pulitzer 2010 [See Review]
  2. The Magnificent Ambersons. Booth Tarkington: Pulitzer 1919 [Review to come]

List of possibilities:
  • Pulitzer Winners:

    His Family. Ernest Poole (1918)
    The Magnificent Ambersons. Booth Tarkington (1919)
    Early Autumn. Louis Bromfield (1927)
    The Late George Apley. John P. Marquand (1938)
    In This Our Life. Ellen Glasgow (1942)
    The Keepers of the House. Shirley Ann Grau (1965)
    Angle of Repose. Wallace Stegner (1972)
    Rabbit At Rest. John Updike (1991)
    The Stone Diaries. Carol Shields (1995)
    Martin Dressler. Steven Millhauser (1997)
    American Pastoral. Philip Roth (1998)
    The Hours. Michael Cunningham (1999)
    Olive Kitteridge. Elizabeth Strout (2009)

  • National Book Award Winners:

    Ten North Frederick. John O'Hara (1956)
    The Waters of Kronos. Conrad Richter (1961)
    Morte D'Urban. J.F. Powers (1963)
    The Spectator Bird. Wallace Stegner (1977)
    Plains Song. Wright Morris (1981)
    World's Fair. E.L. Doctorow (1986)
    Charming Billy. Alice McDermott (1998)
    Three Junes. Julia Glass (2002)
    The Echo Maker. Richard Powers (2006)

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  1. Joy -- I am so glad you are participating again this year! I didn't realize that you have this blog to keep track of your challenges. Cool idea.

    Do you want me to link to this post or the one on "Joy's Blog"?