Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Vintage Mystery Cover Scavenger Hunt 2017

Hosted by: Bev @ My Reader's Block
Dates: January 1 - December 31, 2017

Challenge objective:
  • Find as many objects on the scavenger hunt list as possible, on the covers of the mystery books you read.
  • You may play along in either the Golden or Silver Mystery Eras (or, for the more adventurous, both).

Challenge rules (quoted from the announcement post):
  • All books must be from the mystery category (crime fiction, detective fiction, espionage, etc.). The mystery/crime must be the primary feature of the book--ghost stories, paranormal, romance, humor, etc are all welcome as ingredients, but must not be the primary category under which these books would be labeled at the library or bookstore.
  • For the purposes of this challenge, the Golden Age Vintage Mysteries must have been first published before 1960. Golden Age short story collections (whether published pre-1960 or not) are permissible provided all of the stories included in the collection were originally written pre-1960. Silver Age Vintage Mysteries may be first published any time from 1960 to 1989. Again, Silver Age short story collections published later than 1989 are permissible as long as they include no stories first published later than 1989.
  • Minimum number of items to complete the challenge and to be eligible for the participation prize drawing at the end of the year is six items from the covers of books read from a single Vintage Mystery Era. If you choose to do both eras, you must use separate checklists. You may not, for example, find three golden age items and three silver age items to claim the minimum six.
  • "On the cover" may apply to either the front or the back cover of the book. Also, the item should be found on the cover of the edition that you read. If at all possible either post a picture showing the item on the cover or provide a link to a page showing us. Exception: If the edition you read has no picture whatsoever (hardbacks that have no dust jacket or e-copies, for example), then you may go on another scavenger hunt online to find a cover image--again, please provide a link to the edition used.
  • No double-counting within the challenge. If a book's cover has both a shadowy figure and a weapon, you may only use it to check off one item from the list. You are welcome to change the item claimed at any time prior to submitting it for prizes.
  • Books read for this challenge may be used for other challenges as well.
  • Reviews are encouraged, but they are not necessary to participate. If you do not have a blog, post to the comments below that you intend to join and then post again at the end-of-year wrap-up site when you have completed your challenge (include a list of books read, categories you have completed, and how to find images of covers).
  • Challengers who complete the minimum six books from a single era will be eligible for a drawing at the end of the year for a book from the prize list. Challengers who complete 12 or more books (either from the same era or six from each era) will also be entered in a separate drawing--for another chance to win, again for their choice of a book from the prize list.
  • Please keep track of your progress and be prepared to submit a final wrap-up post or comment at the end of the year. Please DO NOT submit completion notifications prior to the posting of the Wrap-Up Link.

● See my original post about the challenge HERE.
● See the challenge announcement/sign-up post HERE.
● See the challenge review pages: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December .
● See the challenge check-in posts: Check-in #1 (March) , Check-in #2 (July) , Check-in #3 (October) .

✸ I'll be reading Golden Age mysteries. Here's the card:

MY READING LIST (books I've read, with links to reviews):

1. The Body in the Library (Miss Marple #3). Agatha Christie (first published 1942)
....For the scavenger hunt: Library or a Book on cover

2.  Murder on the Orient Express (Hercule Poirot #10). Agatha Christie (first published 1934)
....For the scavenger hunt: Train on cover

3. Over My Dead Body (Nero Wolfe #7). Rex Stout (first published 1940)
....For the scavenger hunt: Hand Holding Weapon on cover


And some possibilities:

 A Murder Is Announced (Miss Marple #5). Agatha Christie (first published 1950)
....For the scavenger hunt: Mask on cover

Death and the Dancing Footman (Roderick Alleyn #11). Ngaio Marsh (first published 1941) [reading now]
....For the scavenger hunt: Flowers on cover

His Last Bow (Sherlock Holmes #8). Arthur Conan Doyle (first published 1917)
....For the scavenger hunt: Any Piece of Furniture on cover

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